Healthy Choice Country Herb Chicken Review

Hello again, today I’ll be reviewing the Healthy Choice Country Herb Chicken frozen dinner, which I’ve taken with me sometimes to work for one of my mini-meals. The Country Herb Chicken entree features a chicken breast, roasted potatoes, corn, and cherry-blueberry dessert. I get it at some of the grocery stores near my house, and it goes for $4.49 most places. I have yet to find it on Amazon Fresh. Hear that, Amazon? Start carrying this product! It’s pictured below, out of the package, and there’s a link to it too.

Conagra Healthy Choice Country Herb Chicken, 11.35 Ounce — 12 per case.


Healthy Choice Chicken Uncooked


This is a pretty tasty entree, and it’s also pretty healthy. It has only ten percent of your daily recommended saturated fat intake, and only twenty percent sodium. That’s very reasonable, considering that some frozen dinners can clock in at thirty percent sodium, or forty, or even higher. The good news with this entree is that there’s no vegetables to be thrown away or picked through. The chicken is tender, as are the potatoes, the gravy is savory, and the corn is fine, though not exactly loaded with flavor. You can only expect so much from frozen dinner corn kernels. Below is a picture of the product once it’s been cooked, about four minutes in most microwaves.


Healthy Choice Chicken Cooked


The only thing that’s objectionable about this product, as far as I can tell, is a problem somewhat unique to it. The dessert, corn, and chicken and potatoes are in three separate sections. But as the dinner cooks, the dessert tends to bubble up over the sides of its section, and it gets into the corn, and the chicken and potatoes. Nobody wants that. It’s sweet mixing with savory, and it’s not a good result. However, I have a solution. Before I start microwaving this meal, I scoop the dessert out, and into a paper cup. Then, I microwave it separately from the rest of the food. That way, you can enjoy the chicken and the sides, then microwave the paper cup with the dessert in it for about thirty seconds, and it’s good to go. If you don’t care about the dessert mixing in with the rest of the food, you don’t need to do to this. It’s all about how picky of an eater you are.

Other than that, I endorse this product. It’s a bit on the expensive side for the amount of food you’re getting, but everything in the meal is good, nothing goes to waste, and it’s healthy. I’d like to see Amazon Fresh start carrying it, and then I would eat it more.

Cafe Spice Potato Samosas Review


Hey folks, I’m back with another product review. This time I’m checking out Cafe Spice Potato Samosas. Samosas are a popular appetizer that can be found at most Indian restaurants, and at some food carts here in NYC. Indian food is one of my favorites, though, as I’ve mentioned on the site before, some people might shy away from it because it hasn’t caught on as much as burgers, pizza, fried chicken, or one of the other favorite American or Americanized¬† cuisines. That’s a shame, because there’s so many tasty Indian dishes that I like. Samosas might be a good place to start if you’re trying Indian for the first time, as they’re essentially just pastry pockets with a meat or vegetarian option. The meat one is fine; the problem that I sometimes have with it is that it’s usually filled with minced meat and onions. Since I don’t like onions, I usually avoid that one. The veggie option, as is the case with the Cafe Spice product, is usually filled with potatoes and peas. Even though peas are a green vegetable, I don’t mind a few, in this case, mixed in with the potatoes. The one thing to remember, though, is that if you get it at a restaurant, it’s always possible that you might get some other things in there that you may or may not care for, such as carrots, green beans, or other veggies.

Cafe Spice has a line of products that are available at several grocery stores, including higher end places like Whole Foods. They have pre-packaged lunch or dinner options like Tikka Masala or Vindaloo, but those usually go for about seven bucks, which is more than I care to spend on one of my “mini-meals” that I eat during the day at work. I bought the potato samosas through Amazon Fresh, for the price of $2.99, which is pretty reasonable.

The total fat for this product is sixteen percent, and there is no saturated fat, which is great. The total sodium is twenty-six percent, which is also pretty good for a pre-packaged meal. It’s ready in the microwave in about one minute, and comes with two little cups of dipping sauce (I think they’re chutney), a red one and a green one. I prefer the red, but try them both. This is a savory, flavorful meal. You can cut into the pastry pocket with a knife and fork, and dip the pieces in the chutney, and there’s no onions, tomatoes, or other veggies that I’m normally on the lookout for. There’s a little kick to the samosas as well, which I think comes from a few red pepper flakes scattered inside. All in all, I strongly recommend this product, which has become a favorite of mine in the past few months. Not having to pick around anything, a good price, and minimal fat and sodium, along with a mouth-watering flavor, makes Cafe Spice Potato Samosas a winner in my book.

My Pantry

Hello fellow picky eaters. Today I wanted to welcome you inside my pantry, where I keep some of the staples that I try not to ever be without. First off, you’re not likely to ever find me without an extra bottle or two of my favorite condiment, trusty Heinz Ketchup, pictured below.


To me, ketchup is the condiment that never fails. I’ve never been fond of mustard, so this is my go-to…you’d be hard pressed to find anything that doesn’t taste better with ketchup on it. Hot dog, hamburger or turkey burger, pork chop, meatloaf, french fries, hash browns, home fries, latkes, or just about any other potato-related item that you can think up…all of them are given just the right kick with a dab of ketchup.





Next up is chicken stock. What’s good about chicken stock is that you can use it as the base or one of the ingredients for a number of different sauces, or you can use it as the base for good old-fashioned chicken soup. If you have a flavorful stock, that plus canned chicken plus any shape of pasta and you’ve got chicken noodle soup, without the celery and carrots that I always want to avoid that you seem to get in just about any canned variety. A picture is below.

Chicken Basics is a good one. It’s available on Amazon Pantry too, and the sodium content, which I always watch out for, isn’t nearly as bad as some equivalent brands.



Finally, there’s chocolate syrup, and when you think chocolate syrup, you usually think of Hershey’s, the longtime national standby. I like to get the Lite version, which has far fewer calories. I like to have this around to put on ice cream, if I have some, but more often to make chocolate milk, which I’ve loved since my childhood. If you get skim milk, like I do, and you add some Lite Hershey’s syrup, you have fat-free chocolate milk, which is loaded with calcium. That’s the sort of thing that helps me keep a lean and healthy physique.



That’s it for now folks. I’ll be back next time with another edition of what can be found in my pantry.


Exotic Foods Butter Chicken Review

This week I’ll be reviewing Exotic Foods Butter Chicken, one of the mini-meals I take with me sometimes for work. Butter curry chicken is an Indian dish that is essentially stewed chicken pieces in a savory gravy, usually served over rice. Sometimes it’s also made with onions, too, so watch out for that. This particular version can be found at Jack’s, the discount food outlet with several locations in the New York area. I have yet to find it online. It’s pictured below.

Butter Chicken 1, 14,14, 18It goes for $1.49, which obviously is very reasonable. It has fourteen percent daily total fat, fourteen percent daily saturated fat, and eighteen percent sodium, all of which are in the range that I like for my meals. You get the chicken and sauce on a bed of “rice and peas pilaf,” mostly rice, with a few peas scattered in. Although peas are (gasp!) a green vegetable, I usually don’t mind eating a couple of them. At least it’s not broccoli or cauliflower or something. I definitely recommend this product, if you can find it, and I often go out of my way to Jack’s just to see if they happen to be in stock. The only drawback might be that the portion size isn’t too big, so one of these probably won’t fill you up completely. I just wish they would start carrying this on Amazon Fresh, so I could get them delivered to me that way. You listening, Amazon Fresh? Anyway, this is one of my favorites, and well worth trying if it’s in your area.

Hormel Compleats Chicken Review

Compleat Chicken 1Hello again, today I’ll be reviewing another lunch entree that I like to take to work with me as one of my mini-meals I eat during the day. Hormel Compleats Chicken Breast and Gravy with Mashed Potatoes is the full name of the product in question, part of Hormel’s Compleats line. These are meals that don’t need to be refrigerated, which is convenient, as you can have a few sitting on the shelves in your pantry, rather than taking up space in your fridge or freezer. The nutritional info is kind of a mixed bag. The total fat content is five percent, and the saturated fat is eight percent, both of which are very reasonable in terms of dietary concerns. The problem, as is often the case with pre-packaged meals, is sodium, which comes in at forty percent. That’s definitely more than I look for in a meal of this size, as it will probably only account for a small portion of an average 2000 calorie diet. That doesn’t mean that you should never eat this. It just means that you probably shouldn’t have it too often, maybe once a week or so.


Compleat Chicken 2For a picky eater like myself, this is pretty much a perfect meal, in the sense that there’s no vegetables at all to be seen, so there’s nothing to pick through, no onions or tomato chunks, or anything else I don’t care for. You can dive in and enjoy this, without worrying about any of that. It’s pretty tasty, the only minor critique I have is that it tastes kind of salty (no surprise, with that much sodium). Other than that, this is one of my favorites, and I’ve enjoyed it many times over the years. Since I became more conscious of reducing salt in my diet, I don’t have it as much, but I go back to it again and again because of the dependability in quality that I know it provides. So, in short, I do recommend this product, but with the high salt content, it’s not something I would go for every day. A link to it on Amazon is below. So you again next week, fellow picky eater.

Hormel Chicken Breast & Gravy with Mashed Potatoes, 10-Ounce Units (Pack of 6)