Review of Vesuvio’s

Ask anybody in New York who has the best pizza, and you’re likely to get a different response every time. There’s about a million different pizza places, they’re constantly opening and closing, and everybody has their own style that they prefer. Here in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, our neighborhood, we’ve tried a lot of the pizza

Walgreen’s Nutritional Shakes Review

Hey folks, today I’ll be reviewing Walgreen’s Nutritional Shakes. Last week I needed to get something to supplement my work lunches in the few days before our next scheduled grocery shipment from Amazon Fresh. I was doing a little shopping in the area of my work, and I went to Walgreen’s, to see if they

Big Daddy’s Diner Review

Recently I went to Big Daddy’s Diner in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, at 239 Park Avenue South. I went with Megan and two of her friends, a couple, so it could be considered to be a double date, which sounds like about the most middle-aged and domesticated thing I can think of. At any