Hudson Valley Duck Farms Review

Hello all, this week is my Hudson Valley Duck Farms review. More specifically, I’ll be reviewing the duck hot links, which are applewood smoked duck sausages available at the Hudson Valley Farms booth at Union Square market. For those not in the know, Union Square market is Monday-Wednesday-Friday in Manhattan, year round. They have some

Nature Works Review

Welcome back, carnivores. This week is my Nature Works review. Nature Works is a small chain of restaurants; I think there are three locations in Manhattan. Last week I was sitting behind my desk in the lobby of the building where I work in the Flatiron District, and a guy came in with a bunch

Win Hing Review

Hello all. This week is my Win Hing review, a very good Chinese restaurant located at 9816 4th Avenue here in Bay Ridge. I’ve never been to Win Hing in person, but they’re the go-to delivery place for Megan and myself if we’re in the mood for Chinese. It’s American-style Chinese food, and, as such,

McCain Smiles Review

Hey folks. I’m back with another product review. This time I’ll be giving you my two cents on McCain Smiles, which are a frozen food item from McCain, which has a whole line of frozen food choices. They’re best known for their frozen potato products, veggies, and desserts. This product is available at many grocery