Hormel Turkey Chili Review

Hi again everybody. Today is my Hormel Turkey Chili review. I was at work and needed something for lunch, so I went to the grocery store near my job and looked over the frozen foods section, soups, and so forth. Hormel’s turkey chili caught my eye. It was going for $2.99, which is pretty reasonable

Grand Sichuan House Review

Hi everyone. This week is my Grand Sichuan House review. Grand Sichuan House is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and some people hold this hole-in-the-wall establishment up as being worthy competition for some of the other Chinese spots around the five boroughs as well. It’s located at 8701 5th Avenue, accessible via

Smart Ones Thin Crust Cheese Pizza Review

Hi true believers. This week is my Smart Ones Thin Crust Cheese Pizza review. Smart Ones is a pretty good line of frozen dinners and snacks. I like their turkey medallions with mashed potatoes dinner, which I take to work sometimes, and they also have some pizza variations that are appealing to me with my

Rana Ravioli Review

This week is my Rana Ravioli review, which is some very fine alliteration. Try saying that three times fast! As an admittedly picky eater, it can be challenging for me sometimes to come up with new entrees, side dishes, and snacks to supplement my diet. I have my go-to things that I like, both those