Saffron Road Chicken Tikka Masala Review

Hello, again folks. This week is my Saffron Road Chicken Tikka Masala review. Saffron Road makes a good line of Indian and Indian-influenced products, including several varieties of frozen dinner. I got this one at Whole Foods in Union Square, not too far from my work. Whole Foods is usually pretty expensive, and this product

Hormel Turkey Chili Review

Hi again everybody. Today is my Hormel Turkey Chili review. I was at work and needed something for lunch, so I went to the grocery store near my job and looked over the frozen foods section, soups, and so forth. Hormel’s turkey chili caught my eye. It was going for $2.99, which is pretty reasonable

Grand Sichuan House Review

Hi everyone. This week is my Grand Sichuan House review. Grand Sichuan House is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and some people hold this hole-in-the-wall establishment up as being worthy competition for some of the other Chinese spots around the five boroughs as well. It’s located at 8701 5th Avenue, accessible via

Smart Ones Thin Crust Cheese Pizza Review

Hi true believers. This week is my Smart Ones Thin Crust Cheese Pizza review. Smart Ones is a pretty good line of frozen dinners and snacks. I like their turkey medallions with mashed potatoes dinner, which I take to work sometimes, and they also have some pizza variations that are appealing to me with my

Rana Ravioli Review

This week is my Rana Ravioli review, which is some very fine alliteration. Try saying that three times fast! As an admittedly picky eater, it can be challenging for me sometimes to come up with new entrees, side dishes, and snacks to supplement my diet. I have my go-to things that I like, both those

Hudson Valley Duck Farms Review

Hello all, this week is my Hudson Valley Duck Farms review. More specifically, I’ll be reviewing the duck hot links, which are applewood smoked duck sausages available at the Hudson Valley Farms booth at Union Square market. For those not in the know, Union Square market is Monday-Wednesday-Friday in Manhattan, year round. They have some

Nature Works Review

Welcome back, carnivores. This week is my Nature Works review. Nature Works is a small chain of restaurants; I think there are three locations in Manhattan. Last week I was sitting behind my desk in the lobby of the building where I work in the Flatiron District, and a guy came in with a bunch

Win Hing Review

Hello all. This week is my Win Hing review, a very good Chinese restaurant located at 9816 4th Avenue here in Bay Ridge. I’ve never been to Win Hing in person, but they’re the go-to delivery place for Megan and myself if we’re in the mood for Chinese. It’s American-style Chinese food, and, as such,

McCain Smiles Review

Hey folks. I’m back with another product review. This time I’ll be giving you my two cents on McCain Smiles, which are a frozen food item from McCain, which has a whole line of frozen food choices. They’re best known for their frozen potato products, veggies, and desserts. This product is available at many grocery

Review of Vesuvio’s

Ask anybody in New York who has the best pizza, and you’re likely to get a different response every time. There’s about a million different pizza places, they’re constantly opening and closing, and everybody has their own style that they prefer. Here in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, our neighborhood, we’ve tried a lot of the pizza

Walgreen’s Nutritional Shakes Review

Hey folks, today I’ll be reviewing Walgreen’s Nutritional Shakes. Last week I needed to get something to supplement my work lunches in the few days before our next scheduled grocery shipment from Amazon Fresh. I was doing a little shopping in the area of my work, and I went to Walgreen’s, to see if they

Big Daddy’s Diner Review

Recently I went to Big Daddy’s Diner in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, at 239 Park Avenue South. I went with Megan and two of her friends, a couple, so it could be considered to be a double date, which sounds like about the most middle-aged and domesticated thing I can think of. At any

Bill’s Bar and Burger Review

Hey folks, today I’ll be reviewing Bill’s Bar and Burger. My mom was in town last week and she was going to a museum in the Meatpacking District. I’d heard that Bill’s has good burgers, so we went as a group, me and Megan, my mom, and my cousin and her boyfriend. The restaurant is

Brick Lane Curry House Review

My wife Megan and myself recently celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. To commemorate our six years of wedded bliss, we went to Brick Lane Curry House, located at 235 East 53rd Street #1, in Midtown Manhattan. We had been there once before; I used to work right in that area. Brick Lane Curry House is

Ore Ida Bagel Bites Review

Hello again. This week I’ll be reviewing Ore Ida Bagel Bites, with pepperoni. Ore Ida has a good line of frozen food products, many of which I’ve enjoyed over the years. Several of their varieties of frozen fries were staples in my younger days, as was the case with their bagel bites, miniature bagels with

Lean Cuisine Baked Chicken Review

This week I’ll be reviewing the Lean Cuisine Baked Chicken entree, available on Amazon Fresh. This is another one of the mini-meals that I brought for work. The cost on Amazon Fresh was $2.89, which is pretty good. The total fat for this meal is nine percent of your daily recommended amount, saturated fat is

Smucker’s Uncrustables Review

This time around I’ll be reviewing Smucker’s Uncrustables, which are available at many stores in your frozen food section, and on Amazon Prime at the link below. SMUCKERS UNCRUSTABLES FROZEN SANDWICHES PEANUT BUTTER & GRAPE JELLY 4 CT PACK OF 3 Amazon Prime only has these available in the strawberry flavor. There’s also a grape

Campbell’s Chicken and Stars Review

This week I’ll be reviewing Campbell’s Chicken and Stars…Andy Warhol would be pleased. I was running low on food between grocery deliveries from Amazon Fresh, and I found myself in Manhattan lacking one of my mini-meals at lunchtime. I went to Morton Williams on Park Avenue South, and started looking for an inexpensive option that

Healthy Choice Country Herb Chicken Review

Hello again, today I’ll be reviewing the Healthy Choice Country Herb Chicken frozen dinner, which I’ve taken with me sometimes to work for one of my mini-meals. The Country Herb Chicken entree features a chicken breast, roasted potatoes, corn, and cherry-blueberry dessert. I get it at some of the grocery stores near my house, and

Cafe Spice Potato Samosas Review

  Hey folks, I’m back with another product review. This time I’m checking out Cafe Spice Potato Samosas. Samosas are a popular appetizer that can be found at most Indian restaurants, and at some food carts here in NYC. Indian food is one of my favorites, though, as I’ve mentioned on the site before, some

My Pantry

Hello fellow picky eaters. Today I wanted to welcome you inside my pantry, where I keep some of the staples that I try not to ever be without. First off, you’re not likely to ever find me without an extra bottle or two of my favorite condiment, trusty Heinz Ketchup, pictured below.   To me,

Exotic Foods Butter Chicken Review

This week I’ll be reviewing Exotic Foods Butter Chicken, one of the mini-meals I take with me sometimes for work. Butter curry chicken is an Indian dish that is essentially stewed chicken pieces in a savory gravy, usually served over rice. Sometimes it’s also made with onions, too, so watch out for that. This particular

Hormel Compleats Chicken Review

Hello again, today I’ll be reviewing another lunch entree that I like to take to work with me as one of my mini-meals I eat during the day. Hormel Compleats Chicken Breast and Gravy with Mashed Potatoes is the full name of the product in question, part of Hormel’s Compleats line. These are meals that

Barilla Italian-Style Entrees Product Review

Heads up folks, I’m back with another product review. This time I tried another of the Barilla Italian-Style Entrees, Bacon Flavored Tomato Sauce and Macaroni. I’ve tried a couple of others from this line before, and I found this particular one available for sale on Amazon Fresh, so it was conveniently delivered right to me.

Easy Matzo Ball Soup

As a child who was raised in a Jewish household, albeit in a pretty much non-religious one, I was still exposed to several different foods that appear as part of the traditional Jewish menu. I’ve posted a couple of different brisket recipes on the site, and another one of my favorites growing up was matzo

Product Review: Stonewall Kitchen Garlic Rosemary Citrus Sauce

I’m a big fan of marinating and baking chicken breasts. It’s a method that’s easy and usually fairly healthy for you. Stonewall Kitchen makes a line of tasty sauces and marinades, several of which I’ve tried, including Jamaican Jerk Sauce, Sesame Ginger Teriyaki Sauce, and Maple Chipotle Grill Sauce, among others. Today I tried their

Product Review: Jack Link’s Jerky

It should come as no surprise that a guy like me, an avowed carnivore, loves beef jerky. But of course, jerky can also be made from other meats, and Jack Link’s demonstrates this with its BBQ seasoned pork jerky, which they sent me to review, as well as two other varieties. This was my favorite

Product Review: Barilla Sausage and Tomato Rotini

Hi everybody, on this blog I’ll be reviewing another product that I sometimes take to work with me for one of my mini-meals. Today it’ll be the Sausage and Tomato Rotini, from Barilla’s Italian-Style Entrees. The Italian-Style Entrees are freeze-dried, so they can be stocked on your pantry shelf at home rather that refrigerated or

Danger Always Lurks

As a picky eater, I’ve gradually tried, in my adult life, to integrate new foods into the repertoire of things I like. That makes it easier for me when I go to new restaurants, and it makes it less embarrassing when I’m a guest in someone’s home, say, and I have to tell them that

Product Review: Thomas’ Toast R Cakes

It’s me again, with another scrumptious product review. Today I’m looking at Toast R Cakes, by Thomas’. Thomas’ Toast R Cakes are available in packs of six on Amazon Fresh, for the cost of $3.19, which is quite reasonable (edit: I guess that since Amazon Fresh is only available in a few cities, they’re sort

Product Review: Dr. McDougall’s Split Pea Soup

As I’ve grown into my thirties, I’ve had to factor in new concerns when I pack my little “min-meals” on work days. Where before, I looked pretty much exclusively toward total and saturated fat content, to watch my weight, now I’ve started looking at sodium content and fiber content too. As I’ve mentioned before, one

Product Review: Lean Cuisine Craveables Pepperoni Pizza

Hey folks, I’m back again with another product review for one of the mini-meals that I like to take with me to work on weekdays. This one is the Pepperoni Pizza by Lean Cuisine. There are several Lean Cuisine frozen meals I like, and this one is pretty high on the list. This is advertised

More Proven Breakfast Options

This post contains affiliate links for which I receive a small commission at no extra charge to you! I work ten hours a day, five days a week, so it’s vitally important that I bring some food with me to my job, otherwise I’d be buying breakfast and lunch at the places around me in

The Best Cereal for Picky Eaters (and my favorites)

I think that part of what bothers me sometimes about eating out is that if someone else is preparing your food, then you don’t know what’s in it. That means that regardless of what you’re ordering, if it’s something you haven’t gotten before, or if you’re going to a restaurant for the first time, you

My Manifesto: What I’m All About

Hi everybody. My name is Steve, I’m an adult male in my thirties, and I live in New York I am, and always have been, an extremely picky eater. When I was a kid, I pretty much only ate hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, and french fries. Vegetables were anathema to me, and there were a