Big Daddy’s Diner Review

Recently I went to Big Daddy’s Diner in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, at 239 Park Avenue South. I went with Megan and two of her friends, a couple, so it could be considered to be a double date, which sounds like about the most middle-aged and domesticated thing I can think of. At any rate, Big Daddy’s is just a few blocks from my work, and I had noticed it in the past, and wanted to check it out. They have some good, Steven-friendly stuff on the menu, fried chicken, chili, tator tots, and other typical American diner food. Not a lot that’s very healthy, unless you wanted to go the salad route, and, as you can probably guess, that wasn’t too likely with me. I was pretty hungry when I got there, after having worked a full day, so I got a bowl of chili, some teriyaki chicken tenders, and tator tots. Below is a shot of the chili.


As you can see, it came with melted cheese and tortilla strips on top, which isn’t the way I’d usually expect to see it prepared, but I didn’t mind. The problem came when I dug into the chili, and found that it was full of onions and chunks of tomato. If you come to the site regularly, you know that I hate onions. They’re the bane of my existence, and you never know what dish they’re going to pop up in. I’m not a big fan of the tomato chunks, either. I’d much prefer the chili be just meat and beans, essentially. Alas, you never know with chili what the recipe is going to be, and in this case, it was not to my liking.

The good news is that the tots and chicken strips were just fine. It’s kind of hard to mess up those two things, and I found the tots to be crispy and portion size to be generous. The same could be said for the teriyaki tenders, and they had some other good sounding flavors too. Next time the buffalo style might be the way to go. Megan got one of the many alcoholic milkshakes the diner has on offer, and she said it was very enjoyable. She also went with the cheeseburger sliders. A pic is below.


Really, the best to thing to mention about our experience at Big Daddy’s, though, has to be the happy hour specials. So there are specials nearly every weekday (we were there Friday, and fried chicken is half off that day), but also every weekday until seven all appetizers, cocktails, and beer are half off. We got there at six, and since we ordered almost exclusively off the app menu, our bill was very reasonable. The tots, tenders, sliders, and chili were all half off, and I got several Blue Moons at three dollars each, normally six. Because of that, I would say that my experience at Big Daddy’s Diner was more than satisfactory, despite the slight disappointment of the chili. Next time I’ll know not to get that, and if you go, which I recommend that you do, I strongly urge you to go during happy hour, when you can take advantage of the specials. If you don’t, you’ll be paying Manhattan prices for food, which are, needless to say, a bit pricey. As far as looking for a healthy meal, try elsewhere, unless you opt for the salad, and if you’re likely to do that, you’re pretty much on the wrong website. Overall, because of it’s not being too healthy, I wouldn’t go to Big Daddy’s every day. It’s a dietary splurge, but one that I fully enjoyed on this occasion, along with good company and good conversation. Now I’ll just have to jog a couple of miles to work off some of those tots!

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