Cafe Spice Potato Samosas Review


Hey folks, I’m back with another product review. This time I’m checking out Cafe Spice Potato Samosas. Samosas are a popular appetizer that can be found at most Indian restaurants, and at some food carts here in NYC. Indian food is one of my favorites, though, as I’ve mentioned on the site before, some people might shy away from it because it hasn’t caught on as much as burgers, pizza, fried chicken, or one of the other favorite American or Americanized¬† cuisines. That’s a shame, because there’s so many tasty Indian dishes that I like. Samosas might be a good place to start if you’re trying Indian for the first time, as they’re essentially just pastry pockets with a meat or vegetarian option. The meat one is fine; the problem that I sometimes have with it is that it’s usually filled with minced meat and onions. Since I don’t like onions, I usually avoid that one. The veggie option, as is the case with the Cafe Spice product, is usually filled with potatoes and peas. Even though peas are a green vegetable, I don’t mind a few, in this case, mixed in with the potatoes. The one thing to remember, though, is that if you get it at a restaurant, it’s always possible that you might get some other things in there that you may or may not care for, such as carrots, green beans, or other veggies.

Cafe Spice has a line of products that are available at several grocery stores, including higher end places like Whole Foods. They have pre-packaged lunch or dinner options like Tikka Masala or Vindaloo, but those usually go for about seven bucks, which is more than I care to spend on one of my “mini-meals” that I eat during the day at work. I bought the potato samosas through Amazon Fresh, for the price of $2.99, which is pretty reasonable.

The total fat for this product is sixteen percent, and there is no saturated fat, which is great. The total sodium is twenty-six percent, which is also pretty good for a pre-packaged meal. It’s ready in the microwave in about one minute, and comes with two little cups of dipping sauce (I think they’re chutney), a red one and a green one. I prefer the red, but try them both. This is a savory, flavorful meal. You can cut into the pastry pocket with a knife and fork, and dip the pieces in the chutney, and there’s no onions, tomatoes, or other veggies that I’m normally on the lookout for. There’s a little kick to the samosas as well, which I think comes from a few red pepper flakes scattered inside. All in all, I strongly recommend this product, which has become a favorite of mine in the past few months. Not having to pick around anything, a good price, and minimal fat and sodium, along with a mouth-watering flavor, makes Cafe Spice Potato Samosas a winner in my book.

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