Campbell’s Chicken and Stars Review

This week I’ll be reviewing Campbell’s Chicken and Stars…Andy Warhol would be pleased. I was running low on food between grocery deliveries from Amazon Fresh, and I found myself in Manhattan lacking one of my mini-meals at lunchtime. I went to Morton Williams on Park Avenue South, and started looking for an inexpensive option that also fit the health criteria I usually look for from pre-packaged meals. I looked in the soup section and came up with the Chicken and Stars single-serving from Campbell’s. A picture of it and a link to it are below.

Campbell’s Chicken & Star Shaped Pasta Soup on the Go, 10.75 Ounce Microwavable Cups (Pack of 8)


Campbell's Back

First, the good. The cost of this item at Morton Williams was $2.49, which is reasonable, although the portion size wasn’t exactly huge. This would do for a snack, not for a significant meal. I liked the package design, which allows one to open the soup with a pull tab, then it’s only a matter of popping it in the microwave for a minute or so. It was a cold day, and the smell of the soup cooking made my stomach rumble.

Now, the not so good. Health-wise, this product has two percent of your daily total fat recommendation, and three percent saturated fat. Those are both great. The problem, predictably enough, was sodium. A whopping forty percent means that even if I had loved this meal, I don’t think I’d be getting it too often, just because of the salt content. I know it’s not easy, but Campbell’s really needs to find a way to cut down on that.

Simply put, this soup wasn’t that great. It’s kind of hard to ruin broth, and that part was fine, but despite promising “chicken and stars,” there was virtually no chicken to speak of. I think I might have seen one or two scraps, that’s it. As for the stars, they were really tiny, and there was quite a bit of cubed carrots for filler. As the great vegetable hater, I don’t really have a vendetta against carrots, though I don’t really care for them when they’re cooked. The softness and mushiness of them isn’t something I’m fond of. I had to fish those out, and what I was left with, when I was done with that, was, well, not much of any real substance. So, to recap, we had almost no chicken, tiny star noodles that didn’t really satisfy, and altogether too many mushy carrots.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this product. You always are taking a chance when you’re trying something new, and this time I was game, but I don’t believe this is going to make its way into my regular rotation. Sorry Campbell’s. Better luck next time.

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