Walgreen’s Nutritional Shakes Review

Hey folks, today I’ll be reviewing Walgreen’s Nutritional Shakes. Last week I needed to get something to supplement my work lunches in the few days before our next scheduled grocery shipment from Amazon Fresh. I was doing a little shopping in the area of my work, and I went to Walgreen’s, to see if they had anything that looked good to me, and which also satisfied my dietary preferences. I decided to try a six pack of the vanilla bean flavored nutritional shakes, which cost me $8.79, plus tax. A picture of one is below.

Walgreens Shake Front

It said on the package that the nutritional content could be compared to the Boost line of shakes. I like Boost. Back in 2000, when I had surgery on my jaw, I couldn’t eat solid food for two weeks, and I pretty much lived on them. I lost more than fifteen pounds, but I thought the shakes were good. They actually tasted not far off from an actual milkshake, just a small one, since each shake is only eight ounces.

The Walgreen’s nutritional shakes were eight ounces as well, and they were good from a nutritional standpoint, as each one had nine percent total fat and five percent saturated fat, and only eight percent of your daily recommended sodium, as well as plenty of protein. Unfortunately, where these ones were lacking were in the taste department. At first sip, there was a taste of vanilla bean, but then, as I swallowed, there was an odd, chemical kind of aftertaste. It happened each time I took a sip: first it would taste pretty good, and then that chemical taste would be left on my tongue. I thought it might have been just that one shake, but then as I opened each of the other ones in the package and drank them, the same thing happened. Based on that unpleasant aftertaste, I can’t recommend this particular product, and I won’t be purchasing it again. Maybe Walgreen’s might choose to alter its formula at some point to counteract that nasty chemical taste, but until then, I’ll be searching elsewhere, or maybe just going back to Boost, a quality-proven product for me. That’s it for now folks, more next week!

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