Healthy Choice Country Herb Chicken Review

Hello again, today I’ll be reviewing the Healthy Choice Country Herb Chicken frozen dinner, which I’ve taken with me sometimes to work for one of my mini-meals. The Country Herb Chicken entree features a chicken breast, roasted potatoes, corn, and cherry-blueberry dessert. I get it at some of the grocery stores near my house, and it goes for $4.49 most places. I have yet to find it on Amazon Fresh. Hear that, Amazon? Start carrying this product! It’s pictured below, out of the package, and there’s a link to it too.

Conagra Healthy Choice Country Herb Chicken, 11.35 Ounce — 12 per case.


Healthy Choice Chicken Uncooked


This is a pretty tasty entree, and it’s also pretty healthy. It has only ten percent of your daily recommended saturated fat intake, and only twenty percent sodium. That’s very reasonable, considering that some frozen dinners can clock in at thirty percent sodium, or forty, or even higher. The good news with this entree is that there’s no vegetables to be thrown away or picked through. The chicken is tender, as are the potatoes, the gravy is savory, and the corn is fine, though not exactly loaded with flavor. You can only expect so much from frozen dinner corn kernels. Below is a picture of the product once it’s been cooked, about four minutes in most microwaves.


Healthy Choice Chicken Cooked


The only thing that’s objectionable about this product, as far as I can tell, is a problem somewhat unique to it. The dessert, corn, and chicken and potatoes are in three separate sections. But as the dinner cooks, the dessert tends to bubble up over the sides of its section, and it gets into the corn, and the chicken and potatoes. Nobody wants that. It’s sweet mixing with savory, and it’s not a good result. However, I have a solution. Before I start microwaving this meal, I scoop the dessert out, and into a paper cup. Then, I microwave it separately from the rest of the food. That way, you can enjoy the chicken and the sides, then microwave the paper cup with the dessert in it for about thirty seconds, and it’s good to go. If you don’t care about the dessert mixing in with the rest of the food, you don’t need to do to this. It’s all about how picky of an eater you are.

Other than that, I endorse this product. It’s a bit on the expensive side for the amount of food you’re getting, but everything in the meal is good, nothing goes to waste, and it’s healthy. I’d like to see Amazon Fresh start carrying it, and then I would eat it more.

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