Hormel Turkey Chili Review

Hi again everybody. Today is my Hormel Turkey Chili review. I was at work and needed something for lunch, so I went to the grocery store near my job and looked over the frozen foods section, soups, and so forth. Hormel’s turkey chili caught my eye. It was going for $2.99, which is pretty reasonable for lunch. I looked at the nutritional information, and liked the total fat and saturated fat amounts, which were ten percent and ten percent, respectively. I also really liked the amount of protein and especially the amount of daily fiber, which I’m always trying to find in boxed or pre-packaged items. This chili, loaded with beans, has forty-eight percent of your daily requirement. The only drawback is the daily sodium, which comes in at a pretty crazy one hundred-and four percent of your daily requirement. That’s way too much! Based on that alone, I knew I couldn’t get this for lunch very often. A picture of the chili is below. I poured it into a big paper cup and microwaved it for one minute, which heated it nicely.

Hormel Chili Cup


The chili was very tasty. Maybe not as good as my own homemade turkey chili, but the beans and ground turkey meat offset each other nicely, and there were no onions or things I don’t like. The only drawback was that it was a little bit salty…how could it not be, with that much sodium? It made me thirsty.

So, do I recommend this product? Although I liked the taste, cost, and the total and saturated fat and fiber contents, I can’t really give it a thumbs up, just because of the massive sodium amount this packs in every can. More than one hundred percent of the daily recommended amount is way too much. Hormel, if any of your people are reading this, you need to find a way to reduce the salt in this product, if you want me to buy it regularly. I understand some is needed for a preservative, but there should never be this much. That’s it for now folks. See you next week.

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