Hudson Valley Duck Farms Review

Hello all, this week is my Hudson Valley Duck Farms review. More specifically, I’ll be reviewing the duck hot links, which are applewood smoked duck sausages available at the Hudson Valley Farms booth at Union Square market. For those not in the know, Union Square market is Monday-Wednesday-Friday in Manhattan, year round. They have some great food there, and it’s my go-to place for apples, sweet corn, and several delectable meats. Also, getting stuff from there is an excellent way to support local farmers and craftspeople.

I’ve mentioned on the site before how much I love duck. Some people don’t care for it, thinking it to be too fatty, but if you get yourself a nice lean duck breast, or crispy duck from a Chinese restaurant, it can be a tantalizing experience. I also love sausages (no snickering), especially healthier ones like chicken sausage, an ingredient of the gumbo recipe I featured here on the site a few weeks ago. When I saw the duck hot links at the Hudson Valley Farms booth, I knew I had to try them. You get a package of four for twelve dollars, which comes out to three bucks a sausage, if my basic math is accurate. I went to a nearby grocery store and got a hoagie roll, then retreated back to the break room in my building with my treasures. I split the hoagie role in half, then cut it in two. I figured I would make myself a pair of sausage sandwiches, two sausages per sandwich.

Duck Sausage

As you can see in the above picture, there’s no nutritional information on the package of hot links, so there’s no telling how much sodium and total and saturated fat you’re getting per serving, but I’m betting these bad boys are pretty unhealthy. As such, I wouldn’t make a habit of eating these, readers. But I usually pack pretty healthy things for my work mini-meals, so I felt okay about breaking up the routine this time. The sausages are fully cooked, so I just slit them open with a knife and popped two of them in the microwave. In about four minutes I took them out, steaming and smelling amazing. The paper towels I’d put underneath them were soaked with grease, and I couldn’t wait to give them a try.

So how were they? Sublime. Amazing. Really, words fail me. They come in a thin pork casing, and the meat inside was succulent and rich, flavored with cracked black pepper that really gave them a zing. They were so juicy that several napkins were required, even after splitting them open and draining some of that grease out. I had this for lunch two days in a row, and the second day, I couldn’t wait for lunch time to eat the remaining two. This was one of the better lunches and better foods I’ve tried in a while, and do I recommend Hudson Valley Duck Farms? Hell yes I do. It’s probably better that there’s no nutritional label on these things, since I’m sure they’re terrible for you, but sometimes you’ve got to live a little, and if scarfing down a duck hot link doesn’t epitomize the need for that cliche, I don’t know what does.

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