Lean Cuisine Baked Chicken Review

This week I’ll be reviewing the Lean Cuisine Baked Chicken entree, available on Amazon Fresh.

This is another one of the mini-meals that I brought for work. The cost on Amazon Fresh was $2.89, which is pretty good. The total fat for this meal is nine percent of your daily recommended amount, saturated fat is thirteen percent, and sodium is twenty-five percent. All of those are well within the acceptable range. This entree advertises “tender white meat chicken with savory stuffing and creamy red skin mashed potatoes.” Below is a picture of it, out of the package, but not warmed up yet. About four minutes in the microwave at work did the job.


Lean Cusine Wrapped

I would say this entree was just okay, not great. The main problem I had with it is with the stuffing. Stuffing is kind of a wild card for a picky eater, because you never know quite what’s going to be in it, unless you made it yourself. It can have all kinds of different ingredients, but the one you want to watch out for is onions, my old nemesis. Sure enough, there were onions in the stuffing, and celery too, both of which I’m not a fan of. The chicken was fine, as was the gravy-like sauce on it, though the piece that you get with a meal of this size is moderate at best, probably about four or five big bites. The mashed potatoes were also tasty, so no problems there.

So, to recap, both chicken and potatoes were fine, but I had to pick through the stuffing, and, finding it pretty much rife with onions and celery, I ended up discarding it. So while there were parts of this meal that I liked, I didn’t finish all of it, meaning that I walked away with my hunger still largely unsatisfied. I’ve had worse meals, but I don’t think this will be something that I get regularly, and so I won’t be recommending it. It turns out this is yet another one of those meals that is marred, for me at least, by the unwelcome presence of vegetables. Here’s another shot of the cooked version below…you can see the offending veggies peeking out from below the chicken.


Lean Cuisine Unwrapped

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