McCain Smiles Review

Hey folks. I’m back with another product review. This time I’ll be giving you my two cents on McCain Smiles, which are a frozen food item from McCain, which has a whole line of frozen food choices. They’re best known for their frozen potato products, veggies, and desserts. This product is available at many grocery stores. At the one in my neighborhood they go for $4.99 a bag, but I got this bag when they were on sale, two bags for four dollars, which is pretty awesome.  I used to live on frozen fries when I was younger. Now I don’t have them as much; they’re processed foods, which tend to have preservatives that generally aren’t great for you, and they’re high in sodium and sometimes total and saturated fat as well.  Smiles are a product that might not be great for you health wise, so you might want to eat them sparingly. I do, but whenever I get a bag, I really enjoy them. Basically, Smiles are crispy potato outsides and mashed potato insides, in, you guessed it, the shape of a smile. With Smiles, you get the best of a french free and mashed potatoes, together! Hard to argue with that. A picture of the bag is below.

SmilesThe total fat in one serving of Smiles is eight percent, and the saturated fat is three percent. That’s not ideal, considering that there’s seven servings per bag and a hungry guy like me is probably going to eat about half a bag at one sitting, but it could be worse. Below is the nutritional panel.

Smiles BackAs you can see, you’re at least getting some dietary fiber with this product, which is good. The Smiles can be cooked in a conventional oven. I did mine at 450 degrees on a baking pan for about eighteen minutes, turning them over once halfway through to make sure they browned evenly on either side.

Uncooked Smiles

I must say, these were delicious. With a dab of ketchup, they’re a perfect side dish to go along with a turkey burger, or reduced-fat hot dogs or chicken tenders. There’s something about food like this that I think is never going to get old for me, even now that I’m into my thirties. It’s the same stuff I liked as a teenager, and I still like it on occasion now. It reminds me of simpler times, times with less responsibility…and my food is actually smiling at me as I eat it!  I do recommend McCain smiles. They never fail to cheer me up, and fill me up.

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