The Best Cereal for Picky Eaters (and my favorites)

I think that part of what bothers me sometimes about eating out is that if someone else is preparing your food, then you don’t know what’s in it. That means that regardless of what you’re ordering, if it’s something you haven’t gotten before, or if you’re going to a restaurant for the first time, you don’t know if what you’re getting is going to be a hit with you, the picky eater.

Getting products at the grocery store (or getting your food delivered to you at home from Amazon Fresh, like I do), it’s comforting to get the same products if you’re not feeling adventurous, because if you’ve gotten them before, you know exactly what you’re getting.

Going forward, one of the things I plan on doing here on the site is to review some of my favorite products, the ones that are more than likely to be on my grocery list every time I place an order, which me and my wife tend to do every two weeks. Cereal has always been one of my favorites, probably in part because cereal is carbohydrates, and carbs are called comfort food, for good reason. For me, the best cereal tends to be uniform, which is to say that one bite is much like the last. I’ve been eating cereal all my life, for as long as I can remember. I don’t tend to be a fan of the very sugary cereals, especially as I’ve gotten older, and I’ve tried to watch my sugar intake so I stay away from cereals like Honey Smacks, Golden Crisp, and Fruit Loops.

So what is the best cereal for picky eaters like me?

Over the years I’ve had a few that I’ve enjoyed, like Shredded Wheat, which isn’t very sweet at all, so it’s not to everyone’s taste, and the unfortunately named Product 19, which is actually pretty difficult to find these days. The best cereal for my diet, that is to say the ones I seem to go back to more and more often, are all Kellogg’s products: Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, and Raisin Bran. All of them are relatively low in sugar, and Raisin Bran is especially good, because as I’ve gotten older I’ve wanted to make sure I was getting plenty of fiber, and Raisin Bran is quite high in it. Last year I got a hemorrhoid, which comes about mostly from a lack of drinking enough water and not getting enough fiber, and since then, I’ve been super-careful to get plenty of both, because that was a painful experience I’d just as soon not go through again.

Any of the above three cereals are a reliable go-to meal for me, which I’m actually more likely to have for dinner than for breakfast. Freak that I am, I oftentimes like to have dinner and lunch foods for breakfast, and breakfast foods like cereal for dinner, or for a late-night snack. Any of the three, part of a well-balanced diet, go best with fat-free milk. I used to drink two-percent milk when I was younger, but in the effort to reduce total and saturated fat from my diet, I switched to fat-free a few years ago, and I found I got used to it pretty easily.

So that’s my recommendation this time around: select some go-to cereals that you can eat several times a week, preferably ones that are fairly low in sugar and, if possible, high in fiber.

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