Ore Ida Bagel Bites Review

Hello again. This week I’ll be reviewing Ore Ida Bagel Bites, with pepperoni. Ore Ida has a good line of frozen food products, many of which I’ve enjoyed over the years. Several of their varieties of frozen fries were staples in my younger days, as was the case with their bagel bites, miniature bagels with pizza toppings on them. Pizza bagels bring back many happy memories for me. As a youngster, I remember going to Camp Livingston in Indiana and looking forward to pizza bagels for lunch the most out of almost anything they’d serve us. The Bagel Bites from Ore Ida remind me of the ones we used to get, both in appearance and taste. They’re available on Amazon.

Bagel Bites go for $1.99 on Amazon Fresh, which is very reasonable. At your local store, you might find them for as much as $2.99 or even $3.49, depending on where you live. You get nine little pizza bagels per package. The total fat for a whole box is twenty percent, saturated fat is twenty-six percent, and total sodium is twenty-eight percent of your daily recommended amount. All of those are within the parameters of what I look for from a frozen meal. A picture of the uncooked bagels is below.

Bagel Bites Wrapped


These bagel bites are done after about three minutes in most microwaves. I like to cook mine a little bit longer, so they’re kind of crispy. For a guy like me, the picky eater, these are perfect. They’re relatively healthy, and there’s not a vegetable to be seen, just bagel, which serves as the crust, a little tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni bits. I don’t know what genius it was who came up with the idea of combining mini bagels with pizza toppings, but surely they deserve a place in the snacking hall of fame. I fully endorse Ore Ida Bagel Bites. Whether you’re bringing them to lunch or having them for a snack at home, these are pretty much perfect, bite sized, and they never fail to remind me of bygone times.


Bagel Bites Cooked


If you have them handy, I also recommend sprinkling these little guys with some garlic powder, oregano, or adding some fire with a dash of hot sauce or Tabasco sauce!

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