Barilla Italian-Style Entrees Product Review

Heads up folks, I’m back with another product review. This time I tried another of the Barilla Italian-Style Entrees, Bacon Flavored Tomato Sauce and Macaroni. I’ve tried a couple of others from this line before, and I found this particular one available for sale on Amazon Fresh, so it was conveniently delivered right to me. It cost $1.99, and I brought it to work to have as one my mini-meals during my ten hour shift. The link to the product is below.

Barilla Italian Entrees, Bacon Flavored Tomato Sauce & Macaroni, 9 Ounce (Pack of 6)

Barilla PastaThe total fat for this product is nine percent of your daily recommended amount, and saturated fat is ten percent, which is right in my wheelhouse in terms of what I’m looking for from a microwaveable meal. The sodium is thirty percent, which is a little higher than I like, but, as I’ve talked about on the site before, it’s almost impossible to get too much lower than that with prepackaged meals. This product doesn’t need to be refrigerated, so that’s always nice. I just kept it in my bookbag until lunchtime.


Barilla Pasta 2One minute in the microwave and it was ready to go. It smelled and looked pretty good, but as I added the sauce to the pasta, I noticed immediately that the tomato sauce was chunky, with some visible bits of tomato and onions. Regular visitors to the site know that I regard chunks of vegetable, and onions in particular, to be my sworn nemeses. They’re the things that you really have to watch out for most in Italian cooking, if you’re a picky eater.


Barilla Pasta 3The rampant chunks of vegetable were really a problem for me with this entree. I had to spend most of the time picking through the pasta to make sure that I wasn’t going to be biting into an onion, or tomato chunk. Ultimately, that’s why I didn’t much care for this product, and I won’t be getting it again, or recommending it. The pasta was a good texture, the sauce had a nice smoky taste that was indeed reminiscent of bacon, but the amount of time I had to spend sifting through to avoid the veggie chunks really didn’t seem worth it to me. That remains the problem I have with this particular line of entrees. If Barilla reworks them so that the tomato sauce is smooth and free of chunks, they might make a repeat customer of me. That’s it for now, fellow picky eaters. Till next time, stay vigilant! Veggies lurk everywhere…

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