Product Review: Barilla Sausage and Tomato Rotini

Hi everybody, on this blog I’ll be reviewing another product that I sometimes take to work with me for one of my mini-meals. Today it’ll be the Sausage and Tomato Rotini, from Barilla’s Italian-Style Entrees. The Italian-Style Entrees are freeze-dried, so they can be stocked on your pantry shelf at home rather that refrigerated or frozen. These can be found on Amazon, purchased as a pack of six for $14.16, which comes out to just a bit more than two dollars each, which is quite reasonable. They’re 320 calories, 12 percent total fat and 10 percent saturated, and 29 percent of your daily sodium, all of which are in the range that I usually look for.

Despite the fact that I use this product semi-regularly, I can’t recommend it wholeheartedly, for the following reason: vegetables. The pasta itself and the robust tomato sauce with the sausage are quite good, the only problem is that there are also some chunks of vegetable lurking. When I make a red sauce at home, I build it from the ground up, so to speak, so that there are no pieces of vegetable, like onions or tomatoes, to pick around. Not so, here…as I eat, I have to pick around a few chunks, which is time consuming and a bit annoying. Since I continue to use this product, I think I’ve found that the good taste more than offsets the time to pick out the bits I don’t like, but I can’t be completely enthusiastic in my recommendation.

So, to sum up…this is a pretty tasty product, but if you’re picky about veggies, like me, keep in mind that you’re going to be treading carefully, to avoid swallowing an offending morsel. Maybe if Barilla ever sees fit to redo this recipe, it will be more to the liking of myself, and you, my fellow picky eaters.

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