Product Review: Stouffer’s Baked Chicken Breast Dinner

As I’ve mentioned on the site before, I work ten hours a day on weekdays, so I need to bring some food options with me if I want to save money, ideally three small meals to be eaten at my breaks during the day. For the second and third mini-meals that I eat, there are several frozen and pre-packaged lunch/dinner options, one of which I’ll be scarfing down in the late morning, one in the mid-afternoon. Today I’ll be reviewing one of my all-time favorites, perfect for me and for you, the picky eater!

I’ve been eating the Stouffer’s Baked Chicken Breast meal for probably a good decade-and-a-half. It’s 210 calories, which is pretty reasonable if you’re someone like me, a larger person still looking to eat approximately 2000 calories per day. For the small meals I eat during the way, ideally, I’m looking for no more than fifteen percent of my daily total fat and daily saturated fat intake. This meal has 9 percent total and 13 percent saturated. That’s pretty healthy.

It does have 31 percent of the daily recommended sodium intake, which is a little more than I like, but here we run into a not-so-happy fact about pre-packaged meals: they’re going to be high in salt content. They have to be, to make sure the food stays fresh longer. In a future article, I’ll talk more about the dispute among leading minds in the field, about how much salt is “too much” in a typical, healthy diet. In the meantime, suffice to say that 31 percent isn’t great, but it’s not as bad as some other frozen dinners, like most of those in the Hungry Man line, some of which I like, but which easily have 70 or 80 percent of the daily recommended sodium. That’s way to much for me, and total and saturated fat, and sodium, are always key things I’m going to be looking for.

This dinner features a small chicken breast portion and mashed potatoes in a savory gravy. That’s it, no vegetables in sight. As such, it’s pretty much perfect for me, since, if there were vegetables, I’d just end up eating around them, and throwing them away. I like to bring along a couple of pieces of bread, ideally Martin’s potato bread, my favorite, to sop up the excess gravy. That helps to fill me up, since the portion for this dinner is nice, but not too huge.

This particular meal is one that gets my highest possible recommendation, and it’s proven its staying power, since I’ve been eating it and it’s been on the market for so long. It retails for as much as $5 in most stores, but I like getting them through Amazon Fresh, which is a fantastic service, where they go for $3.99 each right now. Again, that’s a little more than I’d like to pay for this item or another like it, but still within the range that I aim for, especially when you consider that in Manhattan, where I work, I could easily pay double that for lunch. So look for this option, which is widely available, and enjoy. I have been, and imagine I will continue to do so for many years to come.

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