Product Review: Thomas’ Toast R Cakes

It’s me again, with another scrumptious product review. Today I’m looking at Toast R Cakes, by Thomas’. Thomas’ Toast R Cakes are available in packs of six on Amazon Fresh, for the cost of $3.19, which is quite reasonable (edit: I guess that since Amazon Fresh is only available in a few cities, they’re sort of secretive about their selection and for some reason Toast R Cakes aren’t available on their regular website…or anyone else’s website that isn’t a geographically specific grocery for that matter, so I can’t get you a link to buy online. Sorry guys!). I’ve also seen the six pack for sale at my local grocery store. Before I started getting Amazon Fresh, I was getting low-fat muffins at the grocery stores nearby. I wanted a similar product to replace those, and when I took a look at Toast R Cakes, it seemed like they might fit the bill.

Kind of like the infamous Seinfeld episode, the Toast R Cake is essentially a corn muffin top with no bottom, a kind of corn muffin disk, if you will. Each one has five percent of your daily recommended total fat, and three percent saturated, which are similar numbers to the Kellogg’s Nutragrain bars I eat. They’re very tasty, so no problems there. The only drawback I see to this product is that they’re pretty small…just three or four good-sized bites, and they’re gone. If you’re looking for portion control, this is a good thing, but if you have more of an appetite in the morning, you might want to eat two of them instead of one, or supplement the meal with a protein shake, as I sometimes do. With the decadent taste of a chocolate protein shake and the cake-like texture of the Toast R Cake, it’s almost like having dessert for breakfast! So I definitely recommend this product. It’s low in fat, delicious, and not a hint of a vegetable to be seen.


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