Rana Ravioli Review

This week is my Rana Ravioli review, which is some very fine alliteration. Try saying that three times fast! As an admittedly picky eater, it can be challenging for me sometimes to come up with new entrees, side dishes, and snacks to supplement my diet. I have my go-to things that I like, both those that I cook and those that I buy pre-packaged. I try not to eat as many of the ready-made items as I get older, because they usually contain preservatives that aren’t so good for you. I try to strike a happy medium between natural food stuffs like dried fruit, fresh fruit, nuts, etc, along with microwaveable dinners and things of that nature that I take to work. But sometimes as I’m going through the grocery store I come across an item that seems to fit the qualifications of what I’m looking for in terms of dietary requirements (meaning an acceptable level of total fat, saturated fat, and sodium), and also looks like something that I’d find tasty. I spotted Rana Ravioli the other day at a grocery store near my work in the Flatiron District. The kind I tried is the chicken and rosemary flavor, which is described as “chicken breast and rosemary wrapped in thin pasta.” A picture is below.


Rana Ravioli

The cost of this item was $5.59, and you get twelve ounces in a refrigerated bag. That’s a bit expensive, because if you have a good sized appetite like mine, that’s probably going to equal out to approximately two servings. Still, I felt like it was time for something new, so I gave it a try. The preparation at home was very quick and easy. I boiled a small pot of water and cooked the ravioli for about six minutes. Then I added some Contadina Pizza Squeeze, about a third of a bottle, giving the ravioli a tomato sauce flavor. I think it would have been good tossed with just a little olive oil as well.

So how was it? I thought it was pretty tasty. The chicken and rosemary mixture inside each pasta pocket was savory and smooth, and there were no onions or other vegetables that I detest. Ultimately, there were two problems with this product, which might not prohibit me from ever getting it again, but will probably make this an occasional buy for me rather than a regular one. The first is the price, which, as I already mentioned, I think is a little high. The other is that according to the bag you get three-and-a-half servings at seventeen percent total fat for the day, twenty-three percent saturated fat, and twenty percent sodium. That’s a bit higher than I’d like any of those three things to be, particularly since the idea of you getting three-and-a-half servings out of this bag is ludicrous. I’d eat half a bag at one sitting, meaning that I’m actually ingesting approximately thirty-something percent of my daily recommended total fat and forty-something percent of my daily recommended saturated fat, along with about forty percent of my daily sodium. And this is for a fairly small, if enjoyable, bowl of pasta. None of those numbers are bad enough for me to completely shun this product, but, as a health-minded person, it’s not great either. Do I recommend Rana Ravioli? I would say yes, with the qualification that it not be an everyday meal. See you next time, everybody, and good eating!

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