Review of Vesuvio’s

Ask anybody in New York who has the best pizza, and you’re likely to get a different response every time. There’s about a million different pizza places, they’re constantly opening and closing, and everybody has their own style that they prefer. Here in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, our neighborhood, we’ve tried a lot of the pizza places, and today I’ll be doing a review of Vesuvio’s, located at 7303-07 3rd Avenue, just a few blocks away from us. Vesuvio’s has an extensive menu of Italian favorite, pizza, pastas, hero sandwiches, etc, but our favorite thing to order is the Family Meal, which we get delivered to us. It costs $18.95, and it comes with a large plain cheese pizza, ten garlic knots, a large garden salad, and a two liter of Coke or other Coke brand product. Without a doubt, it’s the best deal we’ve found around here. I don’t eat the salad, needless to say…nor do I have a picture of it to show you guys, since if I ever showed a salad on here, I’d feel compelled to change the name of the site! The pizza, garlic knots, and two liter are all fine with me, though. A picture of the garlic knots are below, and they’re the best way to start the meal.

Vesuvio Garlic Knots Looks pretty tasty, no? The only thing I would recommend is that when you call to order, you ask them to go light on the oil. If you don’t, these things will be pretty much drowning in them. Too much oil can kind of ruin your garlic knot experience. Other than that, these are great, fresh baked, smelling of garlic and oil, a little crunchy, a little chewy, a perfect comfort food indulgence. Below is a shot of the large pie.

Vesuvio Whole PizzaEverybody’s idea of what constitutes pizza perfection is going to be different, but this is a pretty good entry in my book. The crust is not too thick, not too thin, kind of medium, chewy rather than crispy, but not excessively doughy. There is a generous portion of cheese, it’s greasy but not too greasy, and there’s a good ratio of sauce to crust. As I’m sure you’d agree, too much sauce or too little ruins a pizza.

So overall, yes, I recommend Vesuvio’s, for it’s high quality and value. Whenever it comes, I think about Kevin McCalister inĀ Home Alone, sniffing appreciatively as he inhales and says “Ah, a lovely cheese pizza, just for me.” There’s something about pizza that brings out the child in all of us, and Vesuvio is our go-to spot around here. The only drawback is that, of course, it’s pretty unhealthy, high in total and saturated fat, loaded with carbs. So this shouldn’t be an everyday food…but if you’ve been sticking to your diet, everybody deserves an occasional treat. This sure fits the bill nicely. Till next time, fellow picky eaters.

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