Smart Ones Thin Crust Cheese Pizza Review

Hi true believers. This week is my Smart Ones Thin Crust Cheese Pizza review. Smart Ones is a pretty good line of frozen dinners and snacks. I like their turkey medallions with mashed potatoes dinner, which I take to work sometimes, and they also have some pizza variations that are appealing to me with my dietary preferences. The Thin Crust Cheese Pizza is described as “a blend of reduced fat cheeses with a tangy pizza sauce on a crispy-thin crust,” and it delivers on that assertion. I bought this at the corner grocery store here in my neighborhood, for the cost of $3.49. The slice of pizza is pictured below, uncooked.

Smart Ones Uncooked

The nutrition information I always look for, of course, is how high are the total and saturated fat contents of any given entrée, as well as sodium content and dietary fiber. In this case, the pizza is nine percent total recommended daily fat, fourteen percent saturated fat, and sodium is seventeen percent. All of those numbers are pretty good, right in the wheelhouse of what I’m looking for, health-wise. It also has seventeen percent dietary fiber, which I appreciate, since I’ve been on a mission to incorporate more fiber into my diet. So this was all encouraging to me before I actually took a bite. About two-and-a-half minutes in the microwave was sufficient to melt the cheese. A picture of the pizza, hot and ready, is below.

Smart Ones Cooked

So, how is it? Well, it was pretty tasty, but I have to qualify that…it was as tasty as you’re going to get from a frozen pizza that’s been nuked in a microwave. Look, with these mini-meals, the quality is probably not going to be as great as a fresh hot slice from your local pizza spot, but this was perfectly acceptable…the crust is thin but crispy, and the cheeses, even though they’re low in fat, were savory, melty and gooey. I would have maybe wanted a little more sauce, since I felt like it was a bit dry. The only other objectionable thing to me was that the slice stuck to the silver tray underneath it, so as I was trying to lift it, some of the crust on the bottom came off. Still, that’s a minor quibble, and overall, I was pleased with this selection, and would make it again. The nutrition was what I like to look for, the price was reasonable, and I was able to enjoy it on the go while at work. All of that adds up a worthy addition to my proverbial lunchbox! More next week, everybody.


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