Win Hing Review

Hello all. This week is my Win Hing review, a very good Chinese restaurant located at 9816 4th Avenue here in Bay Ridge. I’ve never been to Win Hing in person, but they’re the go-to delivery place for Megan and myself if we’re in the mood for Chinese. It’s American-style Chinese food, and, as such, it’s pretty typical. Staples such as General Tso’s, orange or sweet and sour chicken or beef, and lo mein abound. I’ve never gotten anything from Win Hing that wasn’t good, and some things that were excellent. But really the best thing about the place is the coupons that come with the menus that get slipped under our door at least once a week. The best is the one that gives you a free order of General Tsos or Sesame Chicken with a purchase of thirty dollars or more. When we order from Win Hing it’s pretty easy to spend thirty dollars, and with that coupon, we’re basically getting a free meal. Our orders usually end up being about forty bucks, and we’ll get enough food to last at least two days. Below are some of my favorites from Win Hing, along with the price and pictures.

Wonton soup is a good place to start. The wontons are like thick, chewy pasta pockets filled with succulent pork in a clear chicken broth. This is great any time but especially on a cold night in the winter. It warms you up wonderfully and gets you on the road to recovery if you’re sick. A quart is only $2.95.

Wonton Soup

Next up is General Tso’s chicken. This is a staple of American-style Chinese food, pieces of white meat chicken in a crispy coating that provides a satisfying crunch and is covered in a savory, sweet yet slightly spicy sauce. This comes free with the thirty dollar order, and it’s pictured below. If you want to get it without ordering the thirty bucks worth of food, it goes for $9.45. It also comes on a bed of broccoli, but needless to say, I throw it out. Wasteful, I know, but you’re not going to catch me eating any veggies, free or otherwise!

General Tso's Chicken

There are plenty of other things I can recommend from Win Hing. The beef stick appetizer is very tasty; you get four for $4.75, and Megan is fond of the steamed dumplings. You get eight for $4.85, very reasonable. But my favorite thing to get from Win Hing, hands down, is the half crispy roast duck, for $12.95. I love duck. It’s pretty unhealthy for you, as it’s high in both total and saturated fat. In fact, I can’t really recommend any of my favorite things at Win Hing for their health value, so this tends to be an occasional treat for us rather than a staple. The crispy duck is duck breast with the skin on served on a bed of veggies, which I discard. It comes with a dark, rich sauce that is really fantastic. I dip the duck pieces in the sauce and serve it up with white rice, and it’s just heavenly. Every time I eat it I probably take a couple days off my life, but you know what? So worth it. And so is Win Hing, in my opinion. The coupon makes it light on your wallet, you get plenty of food to feed yourself for a couple of days, and it’s pretty damn tasty. So check it out if you’re in Bay Ridge, and be sure to give that duck a try. You’ll be glad you did.

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